2D Lingual Bracket

2D Lingual Brackets - 3rd Generation


When using Forestadent™s new 2D lingual brackets, the tongue of your patient can keep its habitual space.

They are extremely flat, comfortable and thanks to its uncomplicated technique ideally suited for clinicians who would like to enter the field of lingual orthodontics - the new 2D lingual brackets by Forestadent. Easy to handle, reasonably priced and no lab costs. This bracket system is a cost effective way to introduce lingual orthodontics into any practice.

The flattest bracket in the world

The new 2D lingual bracket has a total thickness of 1.3 to 1.65 mm. In combination with its round edges and smooth surfaces it is the number one bracket in terms of patient comfort.

Forestadent Forestadent

New bracket types in the 3rd generation

The 2D lingual brackets are offered in a wide variety of bracket types for every possible application. The following models in the 3rd generation of the 2D lingual brackets are now available:

  • The 2D lingual bracket with T-hook for fixing elastic chains.

  • The 2D plus lingual bracket to apply torque on a single tooth.

  • The 2D plus lingual bracket with a gingival hook for applying intermaxillary elastics.

For more information please download the PDF of the infoflyer.


Animation 1

2D Plus-Lingual brackets - start here.


Animation 2

Insertion of the archwire - start here.


Animation 3

Closing of the brackets - start here.


Animation 4

How to open the 2D brackets - start here.

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2D Lingual on the FORESTADENT Channel

2D Lingual on Forestadent Channel

2D Lingual Case History

2D Lingual on Forestadent Channel

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