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Bite Jumping Screw*

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Progressive Overjet Reduction for the modified Twin Block appliance.

The Twin Block appliance by Dr. William Clark is one of the most popular functional appliances for Class II, division 1 malocclusion treatment.

Standard Twin Block appliances can only be reactivated by a time consuming procedure.

This modification allows a progressive advancement of the bite, providing a greater orthopedic effect with less incisor tilting in Class II, division 1 cases.

Progressive advancement of the mandible helps to reduce tension in the craniomandibular muscles, therefore improving patient comfort and compliance.  

Easy and safe chairside reactivation of as much as 6 mm can be achieved by incorporating this solid stainless steel screw into the appliance. Chairside reactivations provide minimal inconvenience to staff and patient.

This modified Twin Block has great advantages for patients with severe overjets or limited ability to advance their mandible for the construction bite.

*acc. to Dr. Marc Geserick, Germany


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