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Easy-Fit Jumper

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The Easy-Fit® Jumper is a fixed appliance, developed for the correction of Class II discrepancies in combination with a standard bracket arch wire appliance. A unique design, stepless protrusive movement capabilities and no shims increase ease and safety of Class II treatment. This Class II alternative offers numerous advantages compared to standard class II appliances.

For more information please download the PDF of the info flyer.


Treatment effects of the Easy-Fit® Jumper

  • Stimulating growth of the mandible
  • Reducing growth of the maxillary
  • Distalisation of the teeth in the maxillary (headgear effect)
  • Mesialisation of the teeth in the mandible
  • Proclination and intrusion of the lower incisors
  • Modification of the face profile
  • Modification of the activity of the musculus masseteres.

Advantages of the Easy-Fit® Jumper

  • Only one chairside session needed to insert the device
  • No shims – no removal of the appliance
  • No elaborate lab work
  • Stepless advancement
  • Class II correction with simultaneous bracket treatment
  • Non-dependent on patient compliance
  • Ideally suited for both right and left handed clinicians
  • Asymmetrical advancement - accurate to within 1/8 mm per side
  • No need to stock different sizes of shim.

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