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Bondable Pads for each type

Reduce your storage costs and chair side time by using Forestadent bondable pads!
Instead of storing 32 different band sizes with adequate buccal tubes you only need a few bondable pads to treat each of your patients.

All Forestadent Bondable Pads ...

  • provide a perfect fit and assure maximum bond strength
    due to mesial-distal and occlusal-gingival contours of the pads
    which are conform to the natural tooth surface;

  • are made of stainless steel;

  • feature the well-tried mesh base, except NiFree bondable
    pads which have a block base


Small bondable pad

The standard bondable pad is especially used for small coronas and for teeth which are not broken through fully.

Buccal tubes for the 7th are automatically delivered on a standard bondable pad.


Large bondable pad

Double and triple buccal tubes are delivered on large bondable pads as a standard. Single buccal tubes can be delivered on large bondable pads on customer request. The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces left and 100 pieces right.


Big Foot pad

Big Foot pads are made of extra thin material which makes them extra light and easy to adapt to the tooth surface of the molars. The perfect fit provides a better adhesion to the tooth. Special notches on each side of the pad make removing easy and safe.

Molar brackets and selected buccal tubes in the Roth- and McLaughlin/Bennett/Trevisi-system are offered on Big Foot pads.


NiFree bondable pad

The NiFree bondable pad is a flat all-round pad featuring a sandblasted base.

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