AAO Annual Session in the Californian sunshine

Who would be the best person to explain an orthodontic treatment philosophy but its initiator? Visitors to the FORESTADENT booth at the recent Annual Session of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) got more than just information about the company’s currently available bracket systems. The initiators of different treatment philosophies explained their particular approach and used case studies to demonstrate the clinical benefits.

New and a FORESTADENT exclusive – McLaughlin Bennett 5.0
For instance, Richard P. McLaughlin presented the new bracket prescription McLaughlin Bennett 5.0, now available from FORESTADENT, in the seminar area of the booth. This is the latest modification of the McLauglin Bennet Trevisi system, which in itself is an evolution of the straight wire appliance developed and introduced by Lawrence F. Andrews and treatment mechanics based on straight archwires. The McLaughlin Bennett 5.0 System is available with Mini Sprint® brackets and tulip buccal tubes (both in a .022” slot size). A series of round and square/rectangular archwires will shortly be available for the new prescription.

Perfect functionality & aesthetics – FACE Evolution
The main attraction of FACE Evolution are its modified torque and inclination values for upper and lower canines as well as the lower incisors. Developed by the highly regarded FACE Group, this prescription is the first system in the world to bring together all the key factors essential for achieving both a functional and aesthetically perfect outcome within one system. FACE members Straty Righellis, Douglas Knight, German Puerta and Oscar Palmas gave short lectures at our booth to explain what those factors are and how they work in the treatment process. The lectures also looked at the concept of working and finishing prescriptions, which offer parallel solutions to particular therapeutic issues during the various treatment phases through the use of temporary over-correction brackets or varying the positioning of the buccal tubes. Brackets of the Quick® family are available for the FACE Evolution prescription.

Clinical excellence – PDS and Roncone prescription
Another exclusive at the FORESTADENT booth was Ronald M. Roncone’s lecture on Dentofacial Growth Modification – Muscles, Bones, Nerves, TMJs, Teeth, and Airways in Seven to Ten-Year Olds. The US-based expert used the opportunity to present the PhysioDynamicSystem (PDS) he developed. As well as control of the muscular system, accurate diagnosis etc., selection of the correct brackets (BioQuick® and QuicKlear® III Roncone prescription brackets by FORESTADENT) and their precise positioning are the key factors of the PDS.

In keeping with FORESTADENT’s unique global CPD programme, which sets it apart from its competitors, the company offered exclusive seminars for postgraduates with Richard P. McLaughlin and Terry McDonald at the company’s booth. Interest in this opportunity was great and all seminars were fully booked. Moreover, they also set the scene for the new two-year McLaughlin CPD programme, due to start at the end of June 2017.