New prescription unveiled

Our company Bernhard Förster was founded in Pforzheim exactly 110 years ago, in October 1907. Having cut our teeth in the jewellery and watch industry, our family owned company started out in 1974 under the brand name FORESTADENT with manufacturing of expansion screws. Today, our company ranks among the worldwide leading providers of orthodontic quality products.

For our company birthday, we organised an unforgettable anniversary symposium end of September. We also took the opportunity to celebrate with our customers, business partners and friends with an exhibition booth party which we hosted at the DGKFO annual conference in Bonn. In the style of our Black Forest homeland, the event saw regional specialities served and the 110th anniversary toasted with beer and wine.

Just like every year, the conference of the German orthodontic association was of course also used as a vehicle for showcasing tried and tested FORESTADENT products and the latest treatment solutions. We also unveiled the brand new bracket prescription McLaughlin Bennett 5.0 for the first time at a German trade fair. The latest version of the famous McLaughlin/Bennett/Trevisi system used by orthodontists worldwide generated great interest among our visitors. It incorporates the advances achieved in the field of orthodontics over the past few years and the resulting clinical findings - of significant importance for achieving optimum treatment results.

McLaughlin Bennett 5.0 is available with Mini Sprint® brackets and strongly recommended by Dr Richard P. McLaughlin and Dr John Bennett for the implementation of their treatment philosophy. The new prescription is also available with extra flat tulip buccal tubes.

McLaughlin Bennett 5.0 also comprises an entire archwire programme. It includes heat-activated NiTi archwires in round (.014", .016") and rectangular format (.016" x .022", .017" x .025", .019" x .025"), steel archwires with a round cross section (.014", .016", .018") as well as heat-treated steel arches in round (.020") and rectangular format (.019" x .025"). Ball-posted rectangular steel archwires (.017" x .025", .019" x .025") are also available.

Since the start of the year, Dr Richard P. McLaughlin and Dr John Bennett have been part of the FORESTADENT clinical consultant team. By cooperating with famous orthodontists who have made a special contribution to the development of pre-programmed equipment, we hope to achieve further ground-breaking optimizations for our tried and tested quality products.