Occlusal splints are ideal for treatment of functional disorders of the masticatory system. In cases of craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD), occlusal splints relieve the mandibular joint and muscular structures. They thus effectively contribute to balancing the occlusion, relieving pain and preventing permanent damage to the masticatory structure. AquaSplint®, the CMD occlusal splint developed by Dr. Aladin Sabbagh, is now available at FORESTADENT.

Ready-to-use - without impression, lab or bite registration

The self-adjusting and customizable CMD occlusal splint is available as AquaSplint® Thermo and Mini. In contrast to conventional rigid and soft occlusal splints, it is ready for immediate use within a few minutes without the need for prior impressions, dental lab work or bite registration. It thus provides rapid pain relief and muscle relaxation. AquaSplint® splints contain two water cushions connected by a tube (hydrostatic aqua balance), which eliminates the need for adjustment. The self-adjusting water cushions ensure a precise and comfortable fit, without sharp edges or pressure points.

Can also be used during orthodontic treatment

The occlusal splints have a universal size and can therefore be used universally, even during orthodontic therapy (braces, aligners). For multi-bracket treatments, simply cover the brackets in advance with protective wax. AquaSplint® occlusal splints ensure ideal initial treatment for CMD. They eliminate functional disorders, premature contacts or forced bites, enable a simple pre-prosthetic/pre-orthodontic-pediatric bite evaluation and in addition a supportive therapy for diseases like cervical spine syndrome, tinnitus, migraine, stress, trauma, operations, limitations or subluxations.

Available in two versions

The AquaSplint® Thermo with its height of 3 mm is ideal for patients with deep bites. The occlusal splint is customized with the lining under the saddle. The AquaSplint® Mini with its lower height of only 1.5 mm is recommended for patients with edge-to-edge or open bite. It is customized by adjusting the wire integrated in the connecting tube to the shape of the dental arch. It is recommended to wear both for ten hours a day for four weeks.