Virtual remembrance - FORESTADENT commemorates Dr. Hugo Trevisi

The orthodontic community is mourning the loss of Dr. Hugo Trevisi, who succumbed to COVID-19 on 11th January 2021. The death of one of the creators of the most famous treatment philosophy – the "T" in "MBT" – shook the orthodontic world at the beginning of the year and has left a huge void.

Collective remembrance of a remarkable contemporary

FORESTADENT had organized an online remembrance event in honor of Dr. Hugo Trevisi with whom the company had collaborated since 2017. In July 2021, numerous associates, colleagues, friends and collaborators came together with his daughters, Dr. Renata and Dr. Raquel Trevisi, to remember Dr. Hugo Trevisi, who sadly passed away far too soon. At the event, orthodontic greats, such as Dr. Richard M. McLaughlin, Dr. John Bennett, Dr. Lars Christensen and Prof. Dr. José María Marín Ferrer, spoke of Dr. Trevisi's impressive legacy and reminisced about unforgettable moments spent with him.

COM-VIDA is supporting those affected by the long-term effects of COVID-19

As part of the virtual event, which was streamed live on FORESTADENT's e-learning platform www.forestadent-campus365.com, Dr. Raquel Trevisi also presented the COM-VIDA project. Having become seriously ill with COVID-19 herself, she was only able to find her way back into life with the intensive help of an interdisciplinary team – an experience that deeply affected her and caused her to launch this initiative.COM-VIDA is part of the Trevisi Institute (www.trevisi.org), an organisation that, right across Brazil, helps those affected by the disease and their families to cope with the long-term effects. The project, which is financed by donations, involves doctors, physiotherapists, speech therapists, sports teachers, psychologists and dietitians. They all offer voluntary services and support to those who do not have the necessary funds to pay for such treatments. COM-VIDA also provides COVID-19-sufferers, who lack the financial means, with medicines, food and hygiene kits in order to allow them a certain quality of life and rehabilitation from this malicious disease during these difficult times.

FORESTADENT is donating all proceeds from the online event

In order to actively participate in this social project, which only exists thanks to the responsible and supporting commitment of fellow humans, FORESTADENT has donated all proceeds from this online event. This means that a donation of €6417.85 could be made to the COM-VIDA foundation. In the 1980s and 1990s, Dr. Hugo Trevisi collaborated with Dr. Richard M. McLaughlin and Dr. John Bennett to develop the McLaughlin/Bennett/Trevisi bracket technique. This method, which uses a straight arch, represents a complete treatment concept, which has subsequently been modified by Dr. McLaughlin and Dr. Bennett and the latest version of which, called "McLaughlin Bennett 5.0", is today available at FORESTADENT. With the "Trevisi Straight-Wire Appliance", Dr. Trevisi, who was a recognised expert in self-ligating multi-band appliances, established his own bracket technique simultaneously to this. Until shortly before his death, he was working intensively with FORESTADENT on further developing this technique, known as the "TDWire Trevisi System". He had also recently completed a book on this new treatment mechanism. FORESTADENT has set up a page of condolence (www.kondolenz.forestadent.com), on which you can add your fond farewells to Dr. Hugo Trevisi.