In December 2020, FORESTADENT launched its e-learning platform www.forestadent-campus365.com, through which the company now offers digital training formats for orthodontists, practice teams and laboratories. Just a few weeks after its launch, the new platform already has an international highlight in store: the 1st FACE Online Symposium is set for February 26 and 27, 2021. The renowned FACE group and FORESTADENT invite you to a two-day, on-screen conferencing event. Around 20 notable experts from around the world will speak about their clinical experiences of using the FACE treatment approach. Useful tips and suggestions will feature alongside the latest practice-based and scientific findings.

A program of top-class experts

The digital event’s agenda includes well-known names such as Dr. Domingo Martin (Spain), Dr. Jorge Ayala (Chile) and Dr. Straty Righellis (USA). Together with their globally active, renowned FACE colleagues, which include Dr. Bernardo Rodriguez (Mexico), Dr. Iñigo Gomez Bollain (Spain), Dr. Oscar Palmas (Argentina) and Dr. Roxana Rugina (Romania), they will deliver a series of highly interesting presentations.

A diverse range of interesting topics

Ranging from early treatment in class III cases, skeletal anchorage, occlusal plane management in hyperdivergent patients, and sleep apnea to molar distalization, long-term stability in surgical cases, maxillary hypoplasia, and the vertical dimension in TMD patients, the topics cover a wide spectrum and hold exciting therapeutic approaches.

Registration via our portal

The 1st FACE Online Symposium will take place from 9:00AM to approx 3:40 PM (February 26) and from 9:00 AM to approx. 3:15 PM (February 27). The event will take place in English and the participation fee is 79,00 Euros (early bird discount until February 15, 2021) or 99,00 Euros including sales tax. You can register directly on the e-learning platform www.forestadent-campus365.com. The event can be found in the “Upcoming live online courses & events” section.