All good things flow through great systems.

All Good Things Flow from Great Systems!

A superb orthodontic practice can only be efficient through implementation of systems.
Those of you who have taken my year-long courses have heard me say this for more than 30 years. Yet most orthodontists keep searching for the “magic bullet”, the one thing that will fix everything in their practices.
There are no quick fixes, there are no quick fixes…THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES!!!

We ask, “How can I do this or that better and faster?” We should be asking, “Should I be doing this at all?”

• We want more new patients, so we try many types of marketing ploys most of which do not work and are costly.
What and where is your Marketing System?

• A marketing event works and you get more new patient calls than normal.
How many of these potential New Patients actually show up? Between 50-85%! Of those who show up, how many begin treatment? 50-65%!

• You would like to “close” a high percentage of exams.
Where is your Enrollment System that allows you to do so?

• You would like to have more starts but your schedule is a mess. You are habitually late and stressed. You have hired multiple scheduling consultants. The result – organized chaos.
Where is your Scheduling System?

• You want to be a superb clinical orthodontist. Maybe you are…but at what price? You mix and match techniques; have too many emergencies; too many appointments; take too many months to treat! You have invested in accelerated tooth moving technology, robotics finishing technology. How easy has this really been? Oh yes, has it driven down your overhead?
Where are your Clinical Systems? Not just a technique…but a true total system.

• You would like to simplify your diagnostics. You have “invested” in scanners, 3-D printers, imaging software, etc. How simple has it become?
Where is your complete Diagnostic System?

• You want to have a great team, one that fits well together; one that is kind; one that is fun; one that drives profitability. Do they produce a minimum of $350,000 each per year? It should be higher!
Where is your Training System?

• You want to be a great leader, one that provides an environment that produces additional leaders, yet you are not the epitome of consistency. You believe in staff empowerment, but have not required accountability.
Where is your Management/Organizational System?

“Your JSOP course has dramatically improved my practice efficiency and enjoyment. It seemed to cover all aspects beneficial to successful orthodontic practice, both on clinical and administrative side. Your teaching style is motivating. You do a great job of challenging your attendees to question their current view of the “norm”. It promotes intrigue and a desire to try new and different. Thank you so very much for sharing your expertise and friendship.” – Dr. Kevin Race

• There is always a problem with communication. We all need to get better at it. Most problems come from two words; “unfulfilled expectations”. Tell your staff what to expect! Tell your patients and parents what to expect! Tell them when they will get these braces off! EVERY TIME…EVERY APPOINTMENT!
Where are your Communication Systems?

“My confidence as a clinician and businessman have skyrocketed thanks to the JSOP course. Dr. Roncone presents challenges and solutions to everyday practice life that no other course offers. Thanks to his leadership principles, I am better equipped to address those daily challenges. I can’t wait to get to the office to do what I love!” – Dr. Anthony Patel

• You produce an excellent gross. You have a staggering overhead. Why? Your overhead can, with a little effort, discipline, and decision making be 40% or under.
Where are your Financial Systems?

“This is NOT an interesting-take it and forget it-fluff course. This IS the course for the doctor who is willing to listen, learn and implement; the doctor, newly minted or experienced, who wants to grow their practice, shorten their treatment time, have a team of well-trained, satisfied staff and have more fun and profit in the process. Implementing what I took from Ron’s course allowed me to quadruple my production and profitability after I took the course the first time. Clearly, I strongly recommend Roncone’s JSOP course.” – Dr. Bill Odom

Structure? Strategy? Sustainability = Success

There are Ten Basic Systems which must be mastered.

How many have you mastered? Where is your Organizational System?

1. Organizational (Management) System
2. Team Building System
3. Training System
4. Marketing System
5. Enrolling System
6. Scheduling
7. Communication System
8. Diagnostic System
9. Clinical PhysioDynamic System (P.D.S.)
10. Financial SystemIf you would like more information on any these, please contact us at

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