From December 2019, a new treatment appliance will be available from FORESTADENT for class II non-compliance corrections – SARA®. Named after its developer, Dr. Aladin Sabbagh, the Sabbagh Advanced Repositioning Appliance combines the rigidity of the proven Herbst appliance with the flexibility of the well-known Jasper Jumper, thus bundling the benefits of both techniques into a single treatment appliance.

No need for laboratory work and ready to use in minutes

SARA® is a telescopic device with exchangeable external springs (selectable force levels of 3N or 4N), which can be universally integrated into any fixed multi-bracket system. The fixation in the maxilla is inserted mesially into the headgear tube. This not only simplifies the handling but also reduces irritations of the mucosa. An adapter is provided for mandibular attachment, which is fixed directly to the steel archwire via a handy screw. It only takes a few minutes to install the class II appliance. Time consuming measuring, preparation, elaborate lab work or even bending of the appliance are no longer necessary.

Compliance-independent, progressive bite adjustment

SARA® can be used for unilateral or bilateral treatment, including treatment of adult patients. It stimulates adaptive mandibular growth and dentoalveolar compensation of the occlusion according to Dr. Sabbagh’s concept of "progressive bite advancement". This differs from the classic Herbst technique in that mandibular advancement or activation occurs in the context of several smaller stages rather than one single step. Additional spacer rings (1 and 2 mm) can be used to extend the guide tubes if more force is required.
Further treatment effects using SARA® are, aside from the restoration of neutral occlusion and the masticatory function in class II cases, the mesialisation of mandibular molars with indicated gap closure e.g. in dental aplasia of the second mandibular premolars. In addition, the distalisation or anchorage of maxillary molars can be achieved without cooperation and without daily relapse (headgear effect).
Furthermore, SARA® covers a broad range of indications in the treatment of CMD and sleep apnea. Due to the horizontal direction of force applied by the spring, there are significantly fewer side effects such as a lateral open bite or the intrusion of maxillary molars.

Uniform size, minimum inventory required

The new Sabbagh Advanced Repositioning Appliance is available in just one size for both left and right sides of the oral cavity, ensuring that only a minimum inventory is required. It offers a high patient acceptance and can be used for effective, compliance-independent class II correction without the need for extractions or surgical intervention. In addition, it is also indicated for the treatment of dental aplasia, temporomandibular joint dysfunction and dental sleep medicine.