Growth is the theme this year in the Accusmile Digital Lab

Our Accusmile team is busy, busy, busy… There is a great deal of new, and exciting things going on in our lab.

We are pleased to announce that Accusmile Digital Lab Services is now equipped to accept itero scans directly from your my cadent account! It is our hope that this upgrade will help our customers streamline their submission process, and start drastically decreasing their aligner overhead immediately.

To take advantage of this service, you simply need to request to have Accusmile Digital Lab Services (ID # 21213) added to your list of labs in your my cadent account. Once Accusmile is added, you are able to just scan your patient, and send those files directly to our lab to print.

It’s as easy as that! Did you know that we have the capability to fabricate models and aligners? So Accusmile Digital Lab Services is able to help with any services you are currently using with your aligner patients. With the Accusmile treatment planning service you should expect your fully treated case with models and aligners in 2-3 weeks.

Exciting news from the Accusmile Digital Lab Services this week… the lab is expanding! We just added 2 new Vida Printers upgrading capacity by another 100 prints per day! The material that we use in the Lab is called Model E Light, and has several benefits. Our models can withstand soldering, are reusable, flexible, durable and heat resistant. If you are currently printing with another company, and would like to request a sample to compare, call Jackie Bauer at 314-878-5985.