Introducing the New Esprit Class II Corrector

FORESTADENT is pleased to announce the new addition of the Esprit Class II Corrector to the product line. In a recent partnership, FORESTADENT is now taking over all product distribution and manufacturing of the Esprit product which was sold under Opal Orthodontics.

FORESTADENT has a current stock of all Esprit parts, and stock availability for replacement parts as needed for each of the individual pieces in the Esprit product line. With the reputation already in the marketplace as a leader in Class II Correction, all product designs are planned to remain the same to meet the needs of the Esprit customer base.

Dr. Richard McLaughlin shared some insight in light of the news on the newest addition to the FORESTADENT product line. Dr. McLaughlin said, “I have had the opportunity to work with several Class II correctors. Esprit provides accurate and consistent end results. Its comfort, durability and unique spring design are far superior to the others on the market.”

The Esprit Class II Corrector is the ideal appliance for the clinician who sees himself as a progressive orthodontist and is willing to try something new. Esprit is the Class II corrector that will provide accurate and consistent movement in a device that is comfortable and durable through its uniquely designed, small profile shape, precision cut medical grade alloy, and unique internal spring design.