New Products were the talk of the show!

McLaughlin Bennett 5.0. – The McLaughlin Bennett 5.0 is a full system of brackets and archwires that are in line with what Drs. Richard McLaughlin and John Bennett are using and teaching. Their new system features the Forestadent Mini Sprint Metal Bracket, the Forestadent GLAM Ceramic bracket, and the same variety of McLaughlin wires that doctors have become accustomed to.

FLASH RFID – FLASH is an inventory control system that helps your office track inventory real time. Using RFID technology, with just a quick scan of your inventory, you can get a count of all of your Forestadent Products and receive reports alerting you to restock your inventory.

PDS Dental White Wires – The NEW PDS Dental White Wires offer:
Superior Aesthetics – A product with an aesthetic balance that blends in with varying tooth shades.
Ultra Durability – Archwires that will remain aesthetic in the patient’s mouth for more than 4 months. No delamination, chipping, flaking etc…
Clinically Accurate– Aesthetic archwires that have force properties identical to their non-aesthetic peers.
Stain Free – Archwires impervious to staining due to elements encountered in the oral cavity.
Low friction – Archwires with similar frictional forces of their non-aesthetic peers.