The Next Session of JSOP Starts January 2018 – Reserve your seat today!

Have you been thinking about taking the JSOP course with Dr. Roncone? The team of graduates from the course continues to grow. Each one has a new and unique perspective on how the course has helped them modify aspects of their everyday routines to create a more successful practice.


“Don’t rely on the latest internet fad to temporarily boost your practice–rebuild it from the inside out! Dr. Roncone’s knowledge of dental physiology, combined with his understanding of the full capabilities of current materials, has produced a truly amazing system. The PhysioDynamic System has simplified my mechanics, reduced my wire inventory, cleared up my schedule, while drastically reducing my overall treatment times.”
-Dr. Matt Bauer - Cottleville, MO (JSOP XXV GRAD)

“My confidence as a clinician and a businessman has skyrocketed thanks to completing The JSOP course. Dr. Roncone presents challenges and solutions to everyday practice life that no other course offers. I run three very busy practices and before I took Ron’s course I thought I needed an associate to help run things. It turns out I was wrong. Dr Roncone’s expertise is evident as he identifies and solves each problem area that practitioners face. From scheduling to streamlining treatment times, all while maintaining a high level of clinical quality. There isn’t anything now that I feel I can’t handle thanks to the leadership principles I’ve learned from Dr. Roncone. Now each and every day I can’t wait to get to the office to do what I love! Many thanks Dr. Roncone!”
- Dr. Anthony Patel - Southlake, TX (JSOP XXVI GRAD)

August 3-6, 2017 Session 1: The Business of Orthodontics
November 16-19, 2017 Session 2: Clinical Systems - Featuring PDS
February 8-10, 2018 Session 3: Practice Marketing

Session 1: Thurs. January 25 – Sun. January 28, 2018
Session 2: Thurs. April 19 – Sun. April 22, 2018
Session 3: Thurs. July 12 – Sat. July 14, 2018

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