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121. Reliance products  
Reliance products We offer Reliance products in our assortment. Reliance products (PDF)  
122. Memory Maker  
Memory Maker 3rd generation With the Memory-Maker you can program the superelastic Memory-Form of Nickel-Titanium Wires, e.g. FORESTADENT Titanol or you can change already programmed…  
123. OrthoEasy® Pal  
OrthoEasy® Pal The clever supplement for palatal anchorage with OrthoEasy® OrthoEasy® Pal (Catalog) New palatal pin head OrthoEasy® Pal, a special palatal pin version, was developed by…  
124. OrthoEasy® Pins  
OrthoEasy® Pins Orthodontic implants for skelettal anchorage needs. Innovative, versatile, compact. OrthoEasy® (Catalog) Cortical anchorage made easyDo you want to solve orthodontic anchorage…  
125. Low-Cervical Pull  
Low-Cervical Pull Asymmetry and force balance Headgear with neck support. Low-Cervical Pull (Catalog) Continuous forcesThe Low-Cervical Pull (according to Prof. Dr. H. G. Sander) is used for the…  
126. Facebow-hinge  
Facebow-hinge For the asymmetric face bow Completely safe and effective. Facebow-hinge (Catalog)  
127. Elastic ligatures  
Elastic ligatures Lovely bright colours Happy-Elastics on key ring and arrow ties.Elastic ligatures (Catalog)  
128. Bio-High-Pull  
Bio-High-Pull Fast, comfortable Headgear with effective force transfer. Bio-High-Pull (Catalog) State of the art springs make all the differenceThe headgear (also known as external braces) has been…  
129. Track® V  
Track® V Vacuum thermoforming unit for aligner production The classic with super easy handling. Track® V (Catalog) Proven for years, simply goodThe TRACK®-V from FORESTADENT is a user-friendly and…  
130. TRACK® thermoforming foils  
TRACK® thermoforming foils For aligners and splints Fast processing and versatile use! TRACK® thermoforming foils (Catalog) The right foil for any applicationWhether for the correction of…  
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