It was fun and should definitely be repeated! This was the feedback of the impressed attendees as well as the digital hosts of the first FORESTADENT Online Symposium held at the end of November 2020. Together with ten leading experts, everyone embarked on a virtual journey for two afternoons. The focal issues were proven and new solutions related to digital orthodontics, including the status quo of current possibilities and an prospects for the practice of the future.

Ten experts shared their digital experiences

Around the world, over 1,300 attendees signed up for this virtual continuous education course that brought colleagues and friends alike together in front of the screen for a couple of challenginghours. Mesmerized, they followed the interesting presentations held by prominent international personalities such as Prof. Ravindra Nanda (USA), Dr. Eugen Moskalenko (Venezuela), Dr. Patrick Borbely (Colombia), Dr. Giorgio Iodice (Italy), Dr. Silvana Allegrini (Brazil), Stefano Negrini (Italy), Dr. Lars Christensen (UK), Dr. Carlos Becerra (Chile), Dr. Elie Amm (Lebanon) and Prof. Carlos Flores-Mir (Canada), who showcased a wide spectrum of present-day possibilities offered by digital diagnostics, treatment planning and the manufacture of treatment appliances. The speakers did more than just report on their personal experiences, the latest study results or clinical examples. They also thoroughly and critically questioned current trends and developments and showed how digital orthodontics is already influencing treatments nowadays and will change practice and lab workflows in future.

An interactive way of sharing knowledge, experience and tips

Parallel to the online presentations, specialist knowledge and experiences were exchanged in an interactive manner, too. The attendees used the chat to askthe speakers their questions at any time, and in so doing received valuable tips and suggestions for their personal everyday practice.

E-learning platform goes online

Stefan Förster, the General Manager of FORESTADENT, gave an insight into how FORESTADENT products are made. In addition to the range of presentations on offer, he held a virtual tour of the state-of-the-art production facility at the company’s headquarters in Pforzheim for the orthodontists attending from around the world. Mr Förster also announced the recent launch of the brand-new e-learning platform www.forestadent-campus365.com, with which the company has perfectly positioned itself for the future within the field of digital learning.