Accusmile® from FORESTADENT offers a service specifically designed for the fabrication of aligners. This offers practitioners exceptional flexibility in planning and implementation, which enables greater control and ensures maximum added value.

Initiate and manage orders online

The new FORESTADENT portal is now available to Accusmile® service users for a convenient, data-secure and fast workflow. Fabrication orders for Accusmile® aligners can now be placed and managed accordingly via the online portal www.forestadent-portal.com.

Two-factor authentication for secure data transfer

Access to the new FORESTADENT portal requires registration and activation of user access at www.forestadent-portal.com. It is also necessary to download and set up the Google Authenticator app on a smart phone to use two-factor authentication i.e. to generate a security code for future logins. Once both of these steps have been completed, Accusmile® orders can be placed and triggered online.

Transfer of case data

Only a few steps are needed for practitioners to place their Accusmile® orders: Log into the portal, enter the patient data, select the treatment plan (UJ and/or LJ), indicate findings and the treatment goal, upload the x ray (optional lateral ceph) and scans as well as intraoral and extraoral images. The creation date must be specified for all images. After confirming the information entered and the addition of any comments, the order is placed and the data transferred to FORESTADENT.

Review and approval of the treatment proposal

Once the treatment proposal has been created, this, alongside the stripping protocol, is reviewed and approved by the orthodontist. An animation displays the individual treatment steps. At this point, the desired service (3D data, 3D printing, aligners) must be selected i.e. a decision must be made as to which fabrication steps are to be performed by the practice laboratory and which by FORESTADENT. In the case of 3D model printing and, if required, the aligners, the number of prints or aligners to be produced for the initial delivery, must then be selected.

Ordering further prints and aligners

If a complete case set is not ordered at the start of the treatment, further prints/aligners can be ordered according to each treatment step. Once all prints have been requested, the order is complete.

Refinement option

If a fine correction is required at the end of the treatment, a refinement can be ordered up to twelve months after the end of the original treatment. Current images of the patient and new information on the treatment plan are all that is required for this.