Clear, compact, and mobile optimised – these are the features of the new Accusmile® homepage. Starting now, after an extensive redesign of its online presence, www.accusmile.de users can access information about FORESTADENT's aligner service even faster. In a user-friendly structured environment available in German and English, the website provides both orthodontists and patients with everything they need to know about treatment with Accusmile® aligners. Special emphasis was placed on creating a clear, sleek navigation through the two main “Patients” and “Orthodontists” areas.

Everything at a glance – patient information in a nutshell

In the “Accusmile® for patients” area, interested, prospective aligner patients click on “Advantages” to get an overview of the benefits that come with this virtually invisible treatment method. By clicking on “Unobtrusive & effective”, they learn how the translucent special plastic splints are worn. The tab labelled “Comfortable” delivers important information about material composition, wearing comfort or how lost or damaged Accusmile® aligners can quickly be replaced. Finally, the three simple steps to a beautiful smile are explained under “Treatment procedure”.

Flexibility – the advantages to the orthodontist

In the “Accusmile® for orthodontists” area, interested practitioners can click on “New aligner generation” to discover the advantages connected with this tailor-made entry into digital planning and production. There they learn about the unique flexibility of FORESTADENT’s aligner service. In particular, orthodontists are given both ongoing control over the patient's treatment and the important decision as to what the practice's participation in the value chain should be. Under “Procedure”, workflow is outlined step by step – from scanning and digitising the model to creating a treatment plan and 3D prints of the tooth rims, all the way to production of the aligner. Additionally, practitioners have the possibility of splitting the treatment into several stages.

New patient brochures round off information

Alongside the new Accusmile® website, FORESTADENT also provides promotional materials for the practice.