From classic to top novelty

The venue for the European Orthodontic Society (EOS) convention this year was the city of Montreux on Lake Geneva. Besides, almost 1,900 orthodontists, who visited lectures to catch up with the latest clinical and scientific findings, 55 companies were attending and presented their product innovations to the participants. Traditionally, we are always participating at the EOS and also we presented our high-precision treatment solutions. Besides the brand-new McLaughlin Bennett 5.0 Prescription, also our classics were in high demand.

McLaughlin Bennett 5.0 will be available, including Mini Sprint® and Tulip in the future
Very soon the next generation of McLaughlin/Bennett/Trevisi bracket technology will be available worldwide. “McLaughlin Bennett 5.0” can then be obtained with the popular MiniSprint® standard bracket as well as the Tulip buccal tubes. Also, a new McLaughlin Bennett 5.0 archwire series is planned, which includes heat activated NiTi archwires, steel archwires, heat treated steel archwires as well as ball-posted square steel archwires in various dimensions and shapes.

FORESTADENT classics impressive as ever
Several bestsellers among the classics were at the centre of attention. Focal were the popular Frog II apparatus for molar distalisation and the reliable OrthoEasy® skeletal anchor system, the extremely flat and thus highly convenient 2D® Lingual bracket system, and also the really simple molar uprighting spring according to Dr. Sander or the Space Jet, a pre- fabricated tension spring used in mini implants to close the gap- and orthodontists of different nations expressed their keen interest.

Digital is the norm today – with Accusmile® it is made really easy
Participants in the conference were also impressed by our Alignerservice Accusmile®, and the procedure was explained to many visiting our booth. Accusmile® enables orthodontic practices the appropriate entry into digital planning and the manufacturing of aligners. Here, the dental clinic decides the size of its share in the value chain ranging from the digitisation of the models to treatment planning, 3D printing of the dentition arches, and also the fabrication of the aligners.