Málaga symposium sees record number of participants

Never before have we welcomed so many participants as at the 10th anniversary of our event in Málaga. Well over 700 guests travelled to the Andalusian coast to spend three sun-drenched and informative days with us. We want to say thank you for an incredible time and for the amazing attendance!

Digital technologies – update from a user perspective

The pre-conference started in style on Thursday, 3rd October 2019. Dr. Björn Ludwig and Dr. Lars Christensen spent an intensive day presenting on the topic of “Digital Orthodontics” and did so in two locations simultaneously. Due to the high level of interest, the event at the Grand Hotel Miramar Málaga was also broadcasted live to a second event hotel.

Top speakers, fascinating topics and an engaging moderator

Following the get-together on Thursday evening, with its flamenco show and fantastic atmosphere, FORESTADENT CEO Stefan Förster officially opened the 10th symposium on Friday morning. Prof. Dr. Ravindra Nanda was engaged again as moderator for the anniversary event and started the day's programme off with a presentation on targeted biomechanics. After this, Dr. Björn Ludwig took over and spoke on the topic of skeletal anchorage. With the aid of examples, he demonstrated a completely digital workflow, including virtual screw positioning, digital device design as well as 3D printing of appliances. Dr. Philipp Gebhardt also took up the theme of digitalisation and described the extent to which this provides useful support in his daily work. Dr. John Bennett explored which treatment approaches lead to optimal treatment success while Dr. Iñigo Gómez Bollain used numerous case studies to demonstrate why extractions should be considered more often in the context of improving facial aesthetics and function. The importance of a stable temporomandibular joint was demonstrated by Dr. Domingo Martín with the aid of impressive interdisciplinary adult case examples, where the treatment was performed according to the FACE approach. As part of this, he highlighted the role of the orthodontist as part of an effectively interacting interdisciplinary team. Dr. Carlos Beccera, and Dr. Jorge Ayala also touched on the FACE concept. They discussed the role of occlusion in the development of temporomandibular joint disorders and analysed all aspects that contribute to proper detailing and finishing, and thus to maintaining the functionality, stability and longevity of the masticatory system. Dr. Giorgio Iodice presented new, simplified treatment protocols, as well as therapeutic options in the use of skeletal anchoring devices. During this, he demonstrated how TADs have changed his orthodontic practice over the past 15 years.

High spirits at the gala event held at the Automobile Museum

FORESTADENT organised an extra special location for the gala dinner that took place on Friday evening. Against the backdrop of the rare classic cars and unique collectors’ pieces of the Automobile and Fashion Museum, a good time was enjoyed by all with music, wine, culinary delights and plenty of dancing.

A diverse range of presentations – digital technologies v. manual expertise

Saturday morning began with a speaker duo. Doctors Vittorio Cacciafesta and Paolo Casentini showed participants how the best possible results can be achieved, even in extremely complex cases, through an optimally coordinated interplay of different disciplines. Dr. Lars Christensen shared his personal experiences of digital technologies. In a frank and refreshingly honest way, he described his own work with digital technologies over the years. After Dr. Hugo Trevisi had explained the basics and benefits of his Trevisi treatment philosophy, using the self-ligating BioQuick® Bracket System, it was Dr. Kenji Ojima’s turn to capture the audience's attention. Using impressive case examples, he demonstrated how TADs can support aligner therapy through more stable anchoring, more dynamic tooth movement and simpler biomechanics. The results of various studies comparing the Alt-RAMEC and RME therapy procedures for maxillary protraction were presented by Prof. Dr. Nazan Küçükkeleş. Dr. Alberto Canabez focused on the use of FACE treatment mechanics for vertical control whereas Dr. Aladin Sabbagh addressed the challenges of avoiding extraction and orthognathic surgery. This included the presentation of his newly developed SARA® appliance for compliance-independent distal bite correction. Prof. Dr. Marín Ferrer compared manual and digital indirect bonding technologies. He reported on the results of a study, which investigated the differences in bracket placement when using manually or virtually created models, and compared the positioning accuracy of both indirect bonding techniques. The X. FORESTADENT Symposium was rounded off by Dr. Ron Roncone, an always welcome guest. He offered numerous tips on how orthodontic practices can operate even more effectively on a day to day basis.

Not one but two event highlights for 2020

If you want to be part of another exceptional event next year, then there are two dates to add to your diary. FORESTADENT invites you to attend the first ever “Aligner Meets Braces” seminar in Ibiza on 25th/26th September 2020. This will be followed by the Airway Symposium in Miami from the 13th to 15th November 2020.