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Over the years, a variety of prescriptions have become established in orthodontics, the most widely-used of which are probably the Roth and the McLaughlin/Bennett/Trevisi systems. All our brackets are of course available in both of these systems. However, as an innovative company, we know that development is an ongoing process, which is why our range also includes a number of newer systems based on current science and daily practice.

FACE Evolution Prescription

In line with Roth’s basic principles, the prescription has been further developed and is now available in a modified bracket prescription developed by the internationally renowned FACE Group. FACE’s treatment philosophy focuses on a functionally and aesthetically ideal treatment outcome. The latest technologies, which enable even more precise diagnostics, treatment planning and therapy  are used to achieve this. FACE’s Evolution Prescription offers modified torque and tip values, so that important periodontal aspects which often become apparent in the run-up to orthodontic treatment can be met. The system offers a range of buccal tubes that help to resolve the usual torque problems in the molar region. Additionally, the concept of a work and finishing prescription is followed, with overcorrection brackets sometimes being used.

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We also offer the following systems: Face Evolution Hybrid, Standard Edgewise, Alexander and Standard Ricketts for different brackets. Find the perfect bracket for your preferred system now.

FACE Evolution II

The latest modification is now available in the form of FACE Evolution II. It is characterised by modified torque values for the brackets for the upper and lower canines and premolars, as well as for the first and second upper molars. They were changed from -7° to 0° in the upper 4s and 5s, and from -17° to -12° (first premolar) and from -22° to -17° (second premolar) in the lower premolars. The foundations of these modifications were obtained by evaluating CBCT images taken before and after treatment. This evaluation suggests changing the torque of some teeth to better position the tooth roots in the alveolar bone and to thus avoid dehiscences and/or to boost stability and periodontal health.


McLaughlin/Bennett/Trevisi Prescription

Dr Richard P McLaughlin, Dr John C Bennett and Dr Hugo Trevisi presented their own prescription after gaining around 20 years of clinical experience with the straight wire appliance. They used the Andrews standard values and changed them from a clinical point of view, especially with regard to the torque. Their philosophy reflects a highly systematic approach and is based on a comprehensive system of brackets, exact requirements for positioning the brackets on the teeth, various arch shapes and the use of gentle, constant forces.


McLaughlin Bennett 5.0 Prescription

With “McLaughlin Bennett 5.0”, Dr Richard P McLaughlin and Dr John Bennett are presenting the latest modification to their McLaughlin / Bennett / Trevisi treatment concept, which was developed long ago with Dr Hugo Trevisi. McLaughlin Bennett 5.0 takes the significant advances made in recent years and the resulting clinical findings into account, incorporating them into the new prescription in the form of adjusted torque and in / out values. The McLaughlin Bennett 5.0 Prescription, which was developed in cooperation with FORESTADENT is  complimented with  a corresponding series of  archwires.       

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Roncone Prescription

Dr Ronald M Roncone developed his PhysioDynamicSystem (PDS) according to a concept he calls “Simplified Aesthetics”. The concept consists of six steps in total, namely: finding the patient’s correct bite, making a correct diagnosis, using the PDS prescription, accurately placing the brackets, carrying out two to three treatment steps and finishing or retention. Brackets with a .022” slot should ideally be used with regard to the PDS prescription. It is also important to use the friction throughout the treatment, and not just during the finishing stage. Dr Roncone uses active brackets to achieve a highly aesthetic and stable result without using slot-filling techniques. This enables particularly gentle treatment and, as a result, enhanced patient comfort.

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Roth Prescription

Following on from Lawrence F Andrews’ launch of the straight wire appliance in the 1970s with torque, tilt and in / out values programmed in the slot and base, it has been modified time and time again. Dr Ronald H Roth presented the bracket values defined according to his philosophy soon after. The Roth prescription reflects the view that a malocclusion should be corrected in line with an efficient occlusion. Aspects such as facial and dental aesthetics, functional occlusion and mandibular joint position, plus stability and periodontal health, should be included in the diagnosis in this regard.


Trevisi Prescription

Behind the name “Trevisi” is the man Dr Hugo Trevisi himself – co-creator of the McLaughlin / Bennett / Trevisi treatment philosophy used around the world. In launching the Trevisi prescription, the established expert for self-ligating multi-band appliances is doing more than just presenting his very own bracket technology; he’s also showcasing a new treatment concept. The concept is particularly based on the optimisation of the sliding mechanics and the use of light and constant forces. The arch is allowed to move freely in the bracket slot, which reduces classic friction and enhances the efficiency of the sliding mechanics. What’s more, the Trevisi prescription allows better three-dimensional control of tooth movements.




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