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Our Vision

We firmly believe that our products “Made in Germany” enable a beautiful and healthy smile worldwide.





Made in Black Forest –
our bond to our location

From our company’s birthplace and production site in Pforzheim in Germany’s Black Forest, we supply products that more than satisfy the most stringent requirements to 118 countries on all continents.





Quality standards

Our quality management system meets the requirements set down in the legal regu-lations for medical device manufacturers according to international standards and is certified to DIN EN ISO 13485:2016. We also conduct an energy audit in line with DIN EN 16247-1 every four years.





Social commitment

  • Caritas workshops
  • Baden-Baden Festival Theatre
  • Osterfeld Culture House
  • South-West German Chamber Orchestra
  • “Children Learn German” project and Technolino (Pforzheim Rotary Club)





Brands, patents and utility models

Approx. 250 trademarks, patents and utility models make FORESTADENT a valued market and technology leader around the world.






FORESTADENT believes that innovations are crucial to corporate success.
We promote innovation through:

  • Researching and developing product solutions for effective treatment
  • Our extensive knowledge network of orthodontists, renowned opinion leaders and specialist groups
  • Further developing and continuously improving products based on scientific studies and investigations
  • Exchanging knowledge with our product users e.g. at conferences and our FORESTADENT symposia




For the environment – Heat recovery

The heat generated during product manufacture through the use of sintering, debinding and annealing furnaces as well as injection molding machines is recovered and used for the heating circuit of the new company building and the ground floor of the old company building.




For the environment – Closed loop recycling

The raw material required for the injection molding process is recycled so that production residues are fed back into the production cycle.




For the environment – Avoiding, reducing and recycling waste

We act in line with the principle of avoiding, reducing and recycling waste.

  • Avoiding waste: we save on e.g. packaging where possible
  • Reducing waste: by using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies (MIM and CIM processes)
  • Recycling waste: all waste in the company is separated, returned to the appropriate recycling loop and recycled




For the environment – Planning the new building

Planning the new building (2012 to 2017) according to the German Energy Saving Ordinance valid at that time (EnEV 2009); implementation enabled energy requirements to be cut by 20%.




For the environment – Supply chains

We keep our supply chains short:
86% suppliers from Germany
7% suppliers from the EU
7% suppliers from the rest of the world