Pforzheim, Germany, March 14th, 2023.

The NBEE and SLASH 2 PLUS 3D printers from UNIZ Technology stand out from the crowd for their impressive efficiency combining high speed, maximum precision and absolute reliability. Developed specifically for dental requirements, the Chinese manufacturer‘s 3D printers are available now from FORESTADENT. With the addition of these two cuttingedge resin printers for orthodontic practices and laboratories, the company rounds off its portfolio of machinery designed for use with digital technology, which also comprises intraoral scanners and filament printers.

Model printing at record-breaking speed

The SLASH 2 PLUS is capable of simultaneously printing six aligner models in around 18 minutes. The NBEE achieves this in a world record time of around 5 minutes. The machines achieve these statistics with a layer thickness of 100 μm, while also guaranteeing 98.6% accuracy compared to the data model.

Highly effective, reliable printing

Both the impressive speed and the high precision of printing are the result of the machines‘ extremely powerful light source and their patented liquid cooling system. The latter ensures heat is dissipated efficiently so that the reaction temperature in the printing resin is kept at an optimum level at all times.

Compatible with resins from other manufacturers

Thanks to the open system, the 3D printers from UNIZ can be used to process not only their own resins but also materials from other providers, making them an even more flexible option. A close collaboration with Graphy Inc, specifically for the NBEE model, resulted in full compatibility with the resins from the well-known Korean manufacturer, which is also distributed worldwide by FORESTADENT. A particular focus here was placed on the new Tera Harz TC-85 – an innovative material with shape memory effect, which has made the direct printing of aligners possible since 2022.

Interfaces for standard software solutions

To ensure the NBEE and SLASH 2 PLUS 3D printers can be smoothly integrated into practice and laboratory digital workflows, these can be used with not only UNIZ Dental slicing software, but also interfaces for software solutions from leading intraoral scanner manufacturers, such as 3Shape or MEDIT.

About UNIZ Technology

Founded in 2014, Peking-based UNIZ Technology has become a leading provider in the 3D printing sector within just a few years. With more than 40 patents to its name, the company works with some big international brands (e.g. from the automotive industry) and even supplies technology to the Chinese space program.