The fact that digitalisation is an important key to the future success of orthodontic practices is a fact that no one can deny today. The range of product solutions available to practitioners for digital workflow is ever increasing.

Digital planning, high precision insertion

Visitors to the DGKFO Annual Meeting were able to see how digital innovations from FORESTADENT contribute to more precision and efficiency in planning orthodontic treatment as well as the manufacturing of treatment appliances. For example, with Accuguide® B a new insertion template for palatal mini screws was presented. This template enables dentists to more accurately and comfortably insert OrthoEasy® Pal pins inton the palate. Whether it is a Frosch II molar distalising appliance or a Snap-Lock Expander for expanding the palate - Accuguide® facilitates a simplified and economic implementation of treatment appliances. The entire workflow runs data-safe via the FORESTADENT portal with its server location in Germany (www.FORESTADENT-Portal.com).

Booth presentations on digital workflow

Advised by the Dr. Fiona Adler, FORESTADENT booth visitors were able to experience exactly how 3D workflow can be implemented in orthodontic practice today. For five years Dr. Adler has been operating a completely digitalised orthodontic practice in Pullach. In addition, Dr. Florian Boldt offered information on DENTAreality 4.0, with which realistic presentations and case analyses can be achieved.

Efficient Class II Treatment with SARA®

But not only digital innovations were presented. For example, with SARA® FORESTADENT introduced a new class II non-compliance device. Named after its developer Dr. Aladin Sabbagh, the Sabbagh Advanced Repositioning Appliance is a telescopic device featuring a replaceable outer spring that can be mounted within minutes in every fixed multi-bracket system. SARA® can be used unilaterally or bilaterally and, in contrast to the classic Herbst device, produces a progressive forward displacement of the lower jaw.

Expert talks with an orthodontic legend

Those who desired for clinical tips from a true orthodontics legend had ample opportunities. Dr. Richard P. McLaughlin had arrived from the US and delivered both an impressive pre-conference as well as the opening lecture. He also attended the FORESTADENT booth during the meeting to answer questions regarding the new McLaughlin Bennett 5.0 Prescription available with the Mini Sprint II® brackets. Incidentally, on September 26, 2020, the popular “McLaughlin 5 Day Programme” will kick off in San Diego, USA. This intensive orthodontic postgraduate course emphasises presentations, discussions, and hands-on exercises (for more information, visit www.forestadent.com).