Pforzheim, Germany, March 14th, 2023.

When Graphy Inc. presented its Tera Harz TC-85 at the annual congress of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) in Miami in May 2022, it was met with great excitement in the orthodontic world. The innovative new material makes it possible to design each aligner on the computer and then print it straight away. Not only will this printing resin, developed specifically for orthodontic applications, overcome the previous limitations experienced with aligners produced using thermoforming techniques, but it also offers exceptional material properties, that positively influence the spectrum and course of aligner treatments and their results.

Perfectly tailored aligners

Since then, renowned software manufacturers have been working at full speed to develop appropriate programs for patient-specific aligner design in order to exploit the incredible potential of this revolutionary print resin. Among other benefits, this will make it possible to deliberately influence the aligner thickness for individual teeth or in specific areas of the dental arch, meaning more or less force can be applied depending on the treatment goals. In addition, auxiliary aids such as bite blocks or stabilizers for the bite position can be designed directly into the splint.

Correction splints with shape memory effect

The real standout feature of direct print aligners made from TC-85 is in the resin itself. It is the biocompatible photopolymer, which is already CE- and KFDA-certified and has FDA approval, that provides shape memory properties. This shape memory effect allows the aligner to remember its original (printed) form, e.g. the aligner returns to this shape already at mouth temperature. This has a positive impact on the applied forces and the control of them, as well as on the stiffness of the aligner and its comfort for the wearer. Not only does this mean better positioning on the teeth, but it also facilitates the application of consistently light forces, making treatments gentle and effective.

Groundbreaking partnership

The strategic partnership between FORESTADENT and Graphy Inc. and the associated global distribution of Tera Harz TC-85, alongside the recently agreed partnership with UNIZ Technology that includes the distribution of compatible 3D printers, create the perfect framework for clinical use of ultra-modern digital aligner therapy.

About Graphy

Graphy Inc., based in Seoul (South Korea) supplies a wide portfolio of printing materials for the dental sector. For instance, the company developed the first material in the world for printing prosthetic treatments such as crowns and bridges, which is then supplemented by two different materials for printable denture bases. In addition to resins for printing dental models, the company also supplies materials for drilling and surgical guides and a special resin for the digital manufacture of cast models for prosthetics. What‘s more, the medical products from this sector have the relevant certifications in Korea, the EU and (partially) the USA too.