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101. BioCosmetic®  
BioCosmetic® Durable, perfect aesthetics The first tooth-coloured archwire that really remains white. BioCosmetic® (Catalog) No scratching, no bare spotsBioCosmetic archwires are the first…  
102. BioStarter® / BioTorque®  
BioStarter® / BioTorque® Quick and effective The intelligent archwires for comfortable orthodontics. BioStarter® / BioTorque® (Catalog) Perfect in any treatment situationWhether at the beginning of…  
103. Titanol® Cosmetic  
Titanol® Cosmetic Tooth-coloured archwires Super-elastic and beautifully aesthetic. Titanol® Cosmetic (Catalog) For all-round perfect treatmentsTitanol® Cosmetic archwires not only allow for…  
104. Forestanit®  
Forestanit® The classic on a coil. For clinics and laboratories. Forestanit® (Catalog)  
105. Forestanit® Ni-Free  
Forestanit® Ni-Free Nickel-free wire on coils. For clinics and laboratories. Forestanit® Ni-Free (Catalog)  
106. Betaflex titanium  
Betaflex titanium Betaflex titanium (Catalog)  
107. Snap-Lock Expander  
Snap-Lock Expander Efficient and safe. The screw for palatal expansion Snap-Lock Expander (Catalog) Controlled expansionThe Snap-Lock Expander from FORESTADENT is a screw for palatal expansion…  
108. Frog II Appliance  
Frog II Appliance Inconspicuous, effective and reliable The latest generation of the proven distalisation appliance Frog II Appliance (Catalog) Purpose: Fixed screws for molar distalisationFor…  
109. Functional Mandibular Advancer (FMA)  
Functional Mandibular Advancer (FMA) For the non-compliance correction of Class II malocclusions Easy to fabricate and ready to use in no time. Functional Mandibular Advancer (FMA)…  
110. Easy-Fit® Jumper  
Easy-Fit® Jumper Safe and easy For the treatment of Class II cases in conjunction with fixed braces. Easy-Fit Jumper (Catalog) Purpose: Fixed aid for the correction of Class II…  
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